When Passion and Talent Meet - There is Magic


I believe that when passion and talent meet there is magic. Magic that beams brighter than the sun, and all who witness it are amazed.

Take for example: Yo-Yo Ma.
He began playing the cello at age four, and was clearly talented. This talent was fueled by a passion for expression through music. He has created some of the most breath-taking music of our time. His music not only transports you to a place of peace and beauty, but it's also almost like he's singing through his cello. Like his voice and soul are dancing through the air on musical notes.

For most of my adult life, I've admired people like Yo-Yo Ma, those who are able to create magic by embracing their talent and passion. I've been searching for my talent and passion in hopes of creating magic. I'm not sure if I've found it so I keep looking. Maybe I've wasted time on things that really didn't amount to much other than an interesting experience. Maybe I've gone down so many paths that I am lost not sure where to go next. Maybe I've gotten stuck down the wrong path with no way to turn around. Maybe I'll be wandering aimlessly for the rest of my life looking for something that was never there to begin with, or that can never be found.

But, here I am. Typing away and bringing to life whatever jumps into my head. I always come back to the keyboard. Whether I have something valuable to say or not, I show up willing to tell a story. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's really, really dumb, sometimes it's pointless and I ask myself, "what the hell did you just post on your blog?" Like right now.

In the vastness that is the blogosphere, millions of people want to be heard, understood, and validated; I stand with them hoping for the exact same thing. We keep doing it because we can't help it. If we don't, we might explode because whatever is inside must come out to possibly live an existence all it's own. Thousands of blog posts are created yet only a few survive and reach the eyes that need to read them, like sea turtle eggs hatching and trying against all odds to make it to the sea without being eaten.

We want to create magic because if we do, we too will become the brighter than the sun.


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