Finding Meaning to My Own Life!

I receive many emails from women around the world, thanking me for creating a product that has made such a difference to them. The irony is that I want to thank them. I received this email this morning: "Thank you for the link to your blogs. I have just viewed your podcast and was so inspired! I admire you for making the choices that you have and for sharing your talents and passions with women who are facing cancer and/or hair loss. I knew from the beginning that a wig was not for me. I have heard from too many women that it wasn't comfortable and if they had one, they never wore it. I can't say that I have always admired my body, but the one part I actually like (most of the time) was my hair and the thought of losing it, even temporarily was hard. It was also hard for my children. Anyhow, I looked at a lot of head coverings and none of them really fit what I had in mind until I came across a flyer for your beaubeaus at my drs. office. They are easy to use, comfortable and look great! Without it, I am sure I would be a lot more anxious to appear in public. And the personal way in which you conduct your business is especially refreshing. Thank you, thank you, thank you. "
My connection with these special women and girls is a rare life gift - in helping them, I have discovered a true meaning to my own life. "Life is not how you weather the storm - but how you dance in the rain".
A special thanks to all of my Beaudiva's!!!! Read what others have to say...

Susan M. Beausang


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