Finding Mr. Right, again.

As a widow of 21/2 years having had the most amazing 34 love affair I wanted to die when my sweet man left me after 3 years with stage 4 lung cancer. I was devistated and  heart broken, however, I remember my husband and I discussing our wish not to stay alone after one another's passing. It was a wish to pass on the love that we had for one another and let some other fortunate recipient have the benefit of all that love.So after my grief counselor suggested that perhaps it was time for me to reach for that last love at 71 years of age and that living in a rather conservative sub-rural area the best way to find that last "Mr. right" was to go online to a dating site.  Daunting and scarry doesn't even begin to describe the feeling, the experience. After the first date the tall dark and most interesting man emailed me telling me that there was no chemestry. Ouch! the second date was with an over-the-top OCD with a pile of papes tauting his many qualifications and an IPhone open to his bank account. Yikes! The third I thought was a winner with a sense of humor, intellectual, athletic and affluent, He waa 6 years my junior. After having my first sexual encounter in nearly 4 years I was excited and hopeful. After 2 months he told me that he just wasn't ready and that my energy was too much for him. to quote my best friend, "oh well". So much for Mr. Right. Then and I mean then, I answered the request of a viral 80-year-old retired pharmacist/MD. On the first date he wanted to marry me and asked me to move into his new apartment in a gated complex with him. The only issue for me was that I felt presured and I found out that his divorce wasn't final. Xnay on that one after dozens of imploring emails and phone calls. I am a Leo woman, hear me roar. Don't push me into a corner or I'll bolt. I am if nothing else determined and tenacious as hell. So on the eve of what was to be my next date with the pharmacist I received a message from a lovely Irish man whom I will meet at a local  winery and listen to music while intuiting the likely hood of the blue-eyed Irish man to discover whether or not he might me.."Mr. Right". This dating thing is really hard work!!!! -(: But worth the effort in the end.

to be continued 

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