Finding My Magic Feather

I am starting to go through the final training rituals as I prepare to run the New York City marathon.  There are people out there that run multiple marathons within the year or make a hobby of running a marathon in every state, but I am still amazed that I can run a marathon at all, especially this year.  They say life imitates art, and in this case perhaps it also imitates sport.  I’ve been running hurt, running injured, and running in pain.  I’ve been to a doctor, a specialist, three different physical therapists, and I’ve had to learn how to not only cope with the pain, but run through the pain.  I’m not cured, but given the right talisman, perhaps I will make it across my next finish line in record pace.  I am a believer that people like me, people that you count out and never expect to lead the pack can surprise you.  All I need is a magic feather.

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