Finding My Way

Sometimes, in our journey through wife and motherhood, we lose sight of who we are. Our dreams get lost in the thousands of diapers we change. Our hopes for ourselves get lost in the dinners we make. Our aspirations are placed on the shelf right next to that Dr. Seuss book. 

We have such high hopes for ourselves when we are single or just dating. “No one will get in my way!”, we shout to the world. Then we meet the one we are to marry. “I’ll just put graduate school off for a year or two”, we say. Or, “I’ll only take 6 weeks of maternity leave and get right back to work.” But, 6 weeks turns into a year. A year turns into that huge gap on your resume that employers frown upon. And you’re back at square one- entry level work at a job you absolutely hate, have no passion for, and totally out of the field you studied in college.  But that’s ok, no problem. You suck it up like everybody else and find the joy in your family. And it works for so long that you forget you even had a dream. You forget you have that college degree you’re not using. You forget you’re more than a wife and a mother. You are a unique woman who has more to give. You have a PURPOSE.

For the last few years, I have been stuck in the background of my life.  It was no one’s fault, but my own. I finally remembered that thing I love to do. Why had it taken so long for me to get where I needed to be to serve my true purpose in life?  Now that I have found it, I want even more! I want to get my Master’s Degree. I want to excel in my career. I want to do all I can to immerse myself in my field and become the best I can be.

Doing this will ultimately make me a better wife, mother, and woman. I will look forward to my workday instead of dreading it. I will come home and speak highly of my day instead of complaining. I will be happy.

I am finally HAPPY!

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