Finding a New Normal Through the Grief

When I saw this posted on facebook, it was as though somebody had taken the words right out of my mind. I often find myself wondering who I am now. I know that I'm not the same person as I was before Finley died, or even before I got pregnant and dedicated my life to being a mother.

So who am I now? I'm not sure.

I find it so incredibly strange sometimes, almost deja vu, to be back in the UK. I have started working and have been promoted to a role very similar to that which I was doing right before we got married, moved to Italy, and found out we were pregnant. It's almost as though nothing at all has changed, like I am back to where we started. And yet EVERYTHING has changed.

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Lisa xx

Finley Arthur Sissons 23/03/2012 - 26/03/2012


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