Finding out what works for you

In earlier posts I have stated that I was going to increase my earnings by doing surveys and working with Cha-Cha. Well I discovered that some things just don't work out as well as others.

I took an afternoon signing up for the surveys that Margaret suggested and submitting my resume to Cha Cha. Now I have a bunch of e-mails wanting me to complete the surveys and receive a bunch of points. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to fill them out. Actually, I don't want to make the time to fill them out. I hate filling out surveys. To me it is just a company that want a bunch of private information that I don't really want to give out.

I do make time for other money making and money saving activities like designing web sites, cutting out coupons, researching subjects for all my blogs, selling stuff on E-bay, working on the DJ business, keeping track of arbitration accounts, and converting reel-to-reel audio tapes to CD.

I think that I have enough other activities that I prefer and work well for me to increase my income without filling out surveys. This weekend I will probably take time to unsubscribe to all of the survey web sites and try to decrease some email activity.

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