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Now that you've got the low-down on getting fitted for a bra, it's time to talk specifics.  I hear often from women who are either petite or nursing or well-endowed, and who all want a great bra that will flatter and support. The right bra can change the way all your clothes fit and can make you look thinner and curvier and just plain better.  HerRoom's Tomima Edmark is back with recommendations for a variety of sizes and shapes.  

I'm petite -- are there petite bras?

Yes, there are petite bras. A bra that is classified as petite will have shorter straps and the cups will be closer together than traditional bras. However, petite bras tend to run only up to a B cup size. There are a lot of full figured women who are petite in stature. Unfortunately, there is no manufacturer specializing in their unique sizing – and there is a real need. For now, here are a few tips for the full figure petite

First, avoid bras with full cup coverage. These bras generally have way too much fabric and will show under most necklines.

Next, see if you can find a demi-cup bra in your size. A demi bra has a smaller cup but also a shorter underwire. The shorter wire has less of a chance of poking you in the underarm. Also, look for a bra with a low center front. Again, these bras tend to have shorter wires and the center will not be too large for your size.

Finally, consider soft cup bras. If you just can’t find a comfortable underwire, a soft cup bra is more forgiving when it comes to fit and will have no underwires to poke you.

I am looking for a nursing bra that isn't ugly or uncomfortable -- do you have any suggestions?

Yes, there are several good-looking nursing bras. Le Mystere make the Florence Underwire nursing bra style 161. It has beautiful lace, looks sexy, comes in black, nude and white, and is made in cotton for real comfort. 

Anita is world famous for its nursing bras. Their Stretch Lace Kwik Klip Nursing Bra style 5031 comes in a darling pink floral print with lace detailing and great support. This bra also has their patented Kwik Klip system that allows you to unfasten a cup with just one hand. 

If you’re looking for color and something with great style, Condessa’s Cassandra Lace Nursing bra is your answer. Hailed as sexiest nursing bra on the market, this bra has unique pearl snaps to open its cups. It comes in sunset orange, turquoise and black. 

Finally, consider wearing a nursing tank instead of a nursing bra. Many mothers are sold on them because it’s both an outerwear piece and a nursing bra. Bravodo’s Nursing Bra Tank 710 and Leading Lady’s Nursing tank 718 are both great choices.

I have very large breasts -- what should I look for in a bra?

Large breasted women are always in need of support. A bra with cup seams will always be the most supportive. Though European women have never minded their bra seams showing through tops, American woman have become obsessed with wanting only a seamless look. So, the challenge becomes finding a seamless bra (or t-shirt bra as they are now known) with sufficient support.

Specific full figure brands such as Goddess, Panache, Fantasie, Freya, and Chantelle specialize in the large breasted woman. All of these brands offer great seamless bras. But, keep in mind that a seamless bra will require replacement more often than a seamed bra. Seamless bras break down more quickly than seamed bras because they’re molded and don't have the additional support that seams provide. 

The best selling seamless bra, also known as “The Oprah Bra” is Le Mystere Tisha
Bra style 9955

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