Finding Perfect Peace: Joyce Meyer's Tips toward Tranquility

Every one of us needs peace in order to enjoy life. We must have some sense of tranquility in our daily lives in order to keep our stress levels low. Joyce Meyer shared a few tips, in her morning daily devotional, to help us develop a more peaceful lifestyle, and I want to share them with you here (along with my insight)...

 Be selective with your time. Stop trying to do too much with too little time. Don’t be led by your flesh so much in day to day activities that you are trying to accomplish everything the world has to offer for you to do. Be led by the Holy Spirit and let it guide your footsteps in the order you need to be headed.

Be prepared to say NO politely. If you’re like me, you are probably always saying YES to requests people ask of you, even if you don’t have the time to do them. You are afraid to reject anyone because you love helping everyone out. Well, that is wreaking havoc on your sense of peace. Don’t be afraid to decline things when you know it will impede on your stress level. Just say no.

Resist the spirit of procrastination. You are so stressed out that you start putting the small things off until you have time later. And then time runs out and that small project becomes a major headache. Start exercising self-discipline in getting your tasks done in a timely manner. Like the saying goes, “do what you have to do now, so you can do what you want to do later.”

Eliminate key distractions. You’re trying to study and tweet at the same time. You want to watch that football game and do some work you brought home with you. As you probably have figured out, that will not work. Let’s start eradicating some of these diversions, such as television or social media. Try taking time to focus on your current task and peacefully work on that.

Set boundaries for interruptions. If you have a family then you know it’s very hard to get some “me time.” However, it’s much needed if you truly want to feel peace. Schedule time when you’re completely off limits to your spouse, children, and extended family or friends.

Modify your life. There are some jobs and undertakings that you do just because you feel you have to in order to maintain a certain image or notoriety. However, with those tasks also comes anxiety and stress on your life. Find ways to save yourself time and trouble by altering some of those things. You aren’t a superhero so you don’t have to save the world. Save yourself.

Pray and listen. I personally feel this is the most important advice from the tips Joyce Meyer shared. Out of everything we do, we often forget to simply pray. Prayer can help so many problems in our lives but we often forget to take time to speak to God. If you’re doing all of the above things to find peace, but you’re still lacking it in your life, go to God. Philippians 4:7 (NIV) says that His peace exceeds anything in this world we can attempt to understand. If you ask God to give you wisdom to find peace, He will answer.

Joyce Meyer said that in order to make peace a priority, we have to take these steps toward initiating peace in our lives. I am so glad that God can give us perfect peace if we just set our lives up right to receive it.

Be inspired, but stay inspired.


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