Finding Your Me Track

I decided I needed to weigh in on the Lean In.  And no, the Lean In is not the latest dance craze out of Korea from the rapper Psy.  I wish it was a dance craze.  It would be much more interesting and arguably, more relevant to women.   I am, of course, talking about the directive to working women by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg in her book.   Now admittedly, I'm not currently in the workforce and do not, as a general rule, object to advice given to women in the workforce.  What I do object to is the constant labeling of women based on the choices they make at home or at work.   Do this, don't do that, put your left foot in, put your left foot out and do the hokey pokey and turn yourself about...that's what it's all about.  STOP THE  MUSIC.

Where's the directive to get on the Me Track?  The Me Track is where women get to take time to pursue their individual passions and needs and NOT FEEL GUILTY for doing it.  According to society (a.k.a. the media), the labels that apply to women are clear, you're either:

  • A career woman (choosing career over husband and/or kids)
  • On the Mommy Track
  • "Leaning In"
  • A Tiger Mom,
  • A SAHM (Stay at Home Mom).  By the way, the worst four letter acronym EVER. Somebody come up with a better one please!
  • An "On Ramper" - trying to get back to the workforce after being a SAHM.
  • OR an unmarried woman (not previously identified as a career woman) who escapes labeling because they are often inaccurately maligned by employers and the media as lacking in career goals.

Can't we just be women?  I choose that.  My own life without labels.  Balance (between home and work life) should always be the goal not perfection in any one area.  Because you need to be able to make room for your Me track--the track that devotes significant time to your own needs and interests.  Society be on notice--there is a Me track and I'm choosing it!


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