Finding Your Purpose

Why is finding your purpose in life so important to you? Do you think that by finding it will make your life any better than it is now? What will you gain that you do not have at this time? What if we have it all wrong and instead of one singular purpose, we can have several within our lifetime?  If you open yourself to every challenge that you meet along the way, that in itself will create the purpose that you seek. If you were to think beyond a singular purpose, you will lead a life of continuous service to others. You will cease to waste your time thinking of reasons you were born because you will be too busy helping others. One of the greatest gifts the universe has given you is the ability to lead a life of good intentions and compassion. It's with this gift that you become selfless in your actions and words and live a life of true purpose. It's up to you to live a life of purpose rather than to sit and wait for someone to tell you the meaning of your life's purpose. You will find out who you are by looking at the people you love and care for. For they are a true reflection of your spirit. Finding your purpose in life is not as important as living a life with purpose.

Sometimes getting to where you want to be is not always easy...

(I've always been too busy living my life to think about what is my purpose in life. What is purpose, but what are your plans for the day? If you can complete your to do list, then you are in pretty good shape. By living a life of compassion, I think my purpose will be met along the way.)


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