Finding Your Way: Spiritual Enlightenment

How does one attain spiritual enlightenment? By reading holy scriptures and books? By serving his/her fellow humans? By renouncing all things material and adopting a Spartan way of life? By seeking knowledge and wisdom? There are perhaps no right answers.  After all, spiritual enlightenment is an intriguing concept, and it’s hard to understand it with a simple this or that answer.

Before being able to comprehend the concept or possibility of spiritual enlightenment, we first need to understand the concept of the spirit. The spirit is our soul; it’s eternal and lives on even after we cease to exist in the physical world. The spirit’s journey is far longer and more complex than the age-restrained, relatively simpler journey of our bodies. The spirit moves on to the next plane of existence after it has learned its lessons in the physical world, and the ultimate goal of the spirit are what we know as absolution.

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