The Fine Art of Complaining While On A Chick Trip

Many of the hundreds of women I cyber polled recently selected the complainer chick
as the least desirable travel partner on a chick trip. Runner up was the Dictator, Bossy and Selfish Chicks. However, some women disagreed with these findings as they felt complaining was a part of
traveling.These women pointed out that if they were passive and docile, they were
overlooked or taken advantage of by taxi drivers, hotel staff, waiters or worse, their
own girlfriends.

Complaining is certainly an art form whatever the situation. In other words, it is how you complain that is the key to success.
Try to avoid all styles of complaining that raises the level of stress amongst travel
companions. However, certainly speak up with a smile if you and the gals are not
getting all you expect.

According to Travel Writer for
MSNBC, Harriet Baskas, "As travelers, we can find plenty to complain
about — but does complaining help? You bet. You should get what you pay
for. And airlines, hotels, restaurants, rental car agencies and
attractions should fix what goes wrong. But as well-mannered travelers
know, how you complain can make a big difference in whether or not a
situation is resolved."

You can read her article entitled "Complaining 101" by clicking the cockroach below! :)


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