A fine line between bragging and sharing?

I find myself being accused of bragging recently, and I think it might be true. Is that wrong?

As women in the workplace, we learn that the only way to be heard and get ahead is to be assertive. We force ourselves to put our modesty aside as we sell our strengths to our supervisors in reviews, to potential employers in interviews, to fellow coworkers so they respect us, etc. We fine tune this skill to stay in the game because we have to. Unfortunately, the skills we apply to our work lives can sometimes roll over into our personal lives.

When I get excited about something, I announce it to the world, both in person and via social media. Apparently, this can be seen as bragging by my own peers. What? Ridiculous! Sure, it might be true, but who is to say that I'm not merely sharing instead? There must be a very fine line between bragging and sharing. Regardless, should I even be concerned about this? Aren't the people in my life supposed to be happy for me and my accomplishments? I feel that life is hard enough and that I should be proud of the things I obtain through my own hard work. 


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