Finish Line for PAD Challenge Day 30

Taking a few days off during a challenge month has advantages and disadvantages. The relaxation gained by taking time away allows the mind to decompress, to file away new information for a renewed sense of purpose when it returns to cranking out poems for the final day of something like the PAD Challenge.

The disadvantages are that the same decompression that allows for freer thought upon return also wears a body down in energy and requires refueling on good sleep and other comforts. The break also asks the breaker to hit the ground running when returning to the tasks left behind. Impasse is definitely likely.

Such was my dilemma when returning from the Mountain Man Rendezvous and knowing that I had four days of poetry to pull together in one moring. Add to that knowledge the understanding that Robert Lee Brewer's Author's Platform Challenge also stared me in the face with days worth of tech work ahead. I'm still uncertain whether I can pull of even a minor miracle of fast footwork on that score.

For now, though, I'm content that I have the poetry conquered and posted. Please stop by and kibitz as you will on Claudsy's Blog today or sometime this week. Enjoy the lilttle show of diversity that has been placed onsite. Come back in future days, as well, to see what new goodies might appear for the frequent visitor. I'll see you there.


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