Finish your Mother's Day Shopping - It's Your Only Freakin' Option - Last Minute Gift Ideas for Marathon Moms

If you are one of the American affluent who own a calendar, TV or Internet service, you can see that it is fast approaching.  Mother's Day will be here in a few days so that means the kiddos need to make or buy Mom a present pronto and Dad needs to do the same as an apology for making her a mom in the first place and ruining all her fun.  And if your mom is an active type or runner and you're wondering what to get her for her special day fortunately I’m a Mom of the same variety so I can help. I've had work-related experience with this since I was barely thirty five, so about 55 years now of pushing my boys in the run stroller, giving them love, nurturing and just enough dysfunction to make them funny.

My 5 year old son is graduating from preschool this year, a few days after Mother’s Day no less. He’s my oldest so I feel like I will need to be institutionalized the day he starts regular school.  I thought a post about what to get the active Mom for Mother’s Day would distract me from the persistent empty-nest thoughts that cause me to want to go off on someone who asks me what I do all day as a stay-at-home mom.

In truth, being a Mom has been the best job of my working life because I LOVE cleaning up messes I didn't make.  And now that I’m entering into part-time Motherhood soon with one kiddo in school most hours of the day I have to distract myself frequently. I tried to talk my son into letting me homeschool him for at least the first three years of his elementary school career, but he’s all, “You don’t even know how to write your name so my teacher can read it" and "Just one year with you and I'll blow the middle school entrance exams" and whatnot. What was I thinking raising an opinionated self-reliant human?

I think after I’ve finished this “What to get Active Moms for Mother’s Day” post, I’ll frame it for both of my boys.  Maybe I'll throw in some guilt when I break it out to show them when they're older so I’ll totally clean up on Mother’s Day in the future.

As for now, I’m past that point of my marriage and life where I’m not above being specific about what exactly I want for birthdays, National Butterfinger & Mountain Dew Day or Mother’s Day.  If you're shopping for an active or running mom (aka mother runner) or if you're a mom in need of help with a few hints on suitable and most appreciated gifts then continue to read on because these are some items I would nominate for the best Mother’s Day gifts for moms who never left their babies somewhere in a basket.

And now--- What to Get Active Moms & Mother Runners for Mother’s Day:

Marathon, Ultra or any Race Emblem - Running a 5k, 10k, half, full marathon or ultra-marathon is a life changing monumental event and runners like to call attention to just how many miles they've run in a most awesomely humble way.  The most relevant place to do this is on the backs of cars.  An emblem featuring mom's furthest race distance sure would beat those stickers on the back window that help everyone understand exactly how many kids and pets she has now.


via Stickitvinyl @
Both serve as warning signs.

Jewelry - Nothing says Happy Mother’s Day better than jewelry, except maybe Ambien and a hotel room.  Gemstones or pearls are good, but sometimes silver’s just as shiny (and cheaper).  There are fun little running charms, bracelets and necklaces to buy for your mother runner on


The designer of this bracelet does custom orders and from the looks of it, is an artsy type who goes to galleries and owns art work that was not purchased in an abandoned parking lot of a former beach gift shop. Not that black velvet is necessarily a bad thing.

Check out her 'charming' designs via TheSilverMaple in Pasadena, California on

Running Slogan Tops - When not wearing race techs to pick up my preschooler or a case of handmade vodka, I still like to brag about my running by wearing clever running quotes or non-subtle mileage totals on my shirts.


"You'll learn to like vacuuming, kid.  You don't hear voices this way."

While vacuuming with my two year old I'm sporting one of my favorite 'Keep Calm and Ultra On' shirts with all proceeds benefiting the Special Operation Warrior Foundation through the Destin 50 Beach Ultra charity.  Shop shirts here:

Sports Watch - If the mother runner on your list doesn’t own a sports watch and she is serious about running, this might be the best running geek gadget to buy for her special day.  Personally, I’m a Garmin girl because my tan lines from it are so sexy.


Forerunner 15 via

Sadly, this watch has been resting on the counter after feeling an ache in my elbow from an overuse injury.  Too much Garmin checking on my runs.

I'm sure you can find a variety of different brands on the market that fit any budget.  Just make certain the customer reviews on the one you settle for are good because there's a fine line between Mom locating a satellite and staring at her wrist like an idiot.

Ear buds - Nothing is more annoying than ear buds constantly falling out of your ears while running.  I’ve owned quite a few pairs over my 12 years of running and I love Bose SIE2i sport headphones.  No ear buds are better than these for listening to music and ignoring everyone.


Avoid conversation by pretending to listen to your jams through these.

Running or Workout Clothing - every Mom can stand to use another non-slip headband, heat gear running visor, running skirt or even new socks.  Some of my favorite brands are Orange Mud, Swirlgear,, Injini socks, Under Armour and Moeben at


via,,,, and

However, if you're shopping to dress mom without knowledge of her size, that's not at all good.  Sizes vary from brand to style.  I know this from experience as I look good in absolutely nothing, and I don’t mean the kind of nothing you’re thinking. Most running clothes look all weird on me like I found them lying in the street and put them on. At 5’7 1/2" on a good day, pants are always too short if I buy Average length and way too long if I buy them in Long or Tall requiring me to wear high Hoka One One shoes tall enough to impress a professional stilt walker.  Of course I love those kinds of running shoes, especially when they’re in aquamarine, but as I am the clumsiest person alive, I tend to fall down even more than usual. At least when I’m on the ground my shoes are bright and colorful.


Running Shoes- Your Mom will love these Hoka One One Kailua Tarmacs for Mother’s Day. And why wouldn’t she?  They’re shiny and feel like running alongside a unicorn floating above soft, white clouds without a care in the world.  She'll want to wear them with just about anything even yoga pants and a T-shirt.  Did she just wake up or just get off the treadmill?  No one will ever know.

Alcohol or glassware to hold her booze - This Mom likes to enjoy a nice glass of whatever's in the liquor cabinet each evening. Oh, good Lawdy Mercy!  Did I just say that?  I've become my mama.  If your mom and mom's mom love to get their drink on, too, maybe you should buy them a case, box, or bottle of their favorite refreshment.  Also, some glassware to hold the goods like this Giant martini Glass over 10 inches tall and over 8 inches wide. It is a real glass-not plastic. Pull this glass out when she wants some extra-dry humor.


Giant martini glass, $28.77 @

Oh yeah. I likes this.

Here are some other crystal ware items for Mom to get her drink on:


Mommy’s Sippy Cup Wine Glass Humorous Gift by crystalimagery, $19.00
Wine Bottle Glass, $24.00
Will Run For Beer Drinking Glass, $14.99 @

Drinking and running, more alike than you thought.

Race Entry – It doesn’t have to be Dopey's Challenge package on Disney marathon weekend, but there’s no better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than several months later at the happiest place in the world.  The runDisney Princess Half Marathon Weekend registration opens July 15th and Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend registration opens August 12th.



These gals look like such good friends.  Bet they're in different age groups.

At about $160 a race not including travel and lodging expenses, it’s not cheap. But hey… break that down to an hourly rate for the amount of time Mom was in labor with you, and I’m pretty sure you’ll see the value there.

Spa Package – This makes for a fun day out - almost like going to Walmart without the kids.  Of course, it's best to pre-purchase a package to secure the best rate.  A massage can release tension in her aching legs and feet after a season of running hard and racing.  Sometimes all she needs is someone to massage her feet while they listen to her mile splits.



Plus, if she can exfoliate one foot with the other you know it's time she had a pedicure.

Books or Running magazine subscription - If she doesn’t have a subscription to a running mag she needs one.  They also offer electronic delivery for her iPad.

I am absolutely addicted to running reading material.  For me, there is almost nothing more wonderful than a new book or magazine with pages worthy of a Morgan Freeman narration.  If you add a new subscription to the mix, my eyes roll back in my head and I have a little joy-stroke. If your Mom is a person who is forever reading up on all things running related, hook her up with these lovelies.  One of the best joy stroke inducing running books ever is available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle edition here:


via and

Finished reading these and am now out of books and magazines to read.  Guess I'll have to spend time with my family.  They seem like good people.

Medal Rack – If Mom's medals are haphazardly hanging from a myriad of doorknobs and drapery hooks around the house, you need to invest in a bling shrine.  There’s plenty to choose from that will happily invade the decor of your home.  Runners Wall Co. has some artsy designs, but do look around on Etsy and Pinterest too.



Road ID – This is something that I just didn’t find the time to purchase for myself and really, it’s dumb of me to not wear one yet in the state of Floriduh where sinkholes are marked by garbage bins and a motorist may unleash the Kracken at any given moment to prune her lady garden in heavy traffic.


I'll never know when something bad is going to happen just like I'll never understand someone's need to hang silver testicles on the back of their truck so I find great importance in carrying ID on my wrist. 


Road ID wrist equally sexy to the Garmin wrist.

So there you have it, my top gift ideas for active moms and mother runners.  Hope I've helped you out if you are a last minute shopper or 99.99% male.  I really do like helping people. Many people have said of me, “My, but you are such a helpful person”. What if I went back to school to become a nurse to get over the empty nest syndrome after my oldest starts Kindergarten?  Well… now that I think about it, that’s no good either. I pass out at the sight of blood and I can’t think I will ever need a job badly enough to clean up someone else’s bladder contents for fun and profit. That’s too bad though because I would look really cute in scrubs while accidentally ruining my friends' appetites because I tend to forget 'normal' people don't talk about bodily fluids and functions over lunch.  Unless they are moms.  Then it's perfectly acceptable.

Being a mom really is the best job in the universe. Sometimes it makes you wish an Emerilwear cast iron skillet would land on your head and offer the sweet relief only death can bring. But more often than not, it fills you up in a way nothing else ever will.


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