Fire up the Grill, Not your heartburn

Don't Fire up Heartburn this summer

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With summer grilling season in full swing, more of my patients are coming in to talk about frequent heartburn. Frequent heartburn suffers can experience heartburn as often as two times per week which keeps them from enjoying the foods that they love at BBQ gatherings.

So, for those of you who are enjoying the summer celebrations but not-so-much the consequent heartburn, it’s important to pay attention to how frequent your heartburn occurs. While a simple antacid can do the trick for occasional heartburn, those who are suffer from heartburn two or more times a week may need some extra help.

Frequent heartburn can be very frustrating and uncomfortable. But fear not, there are medications that can help alleviate the pain. For frequent heartburn sufferers, a class of heartburn drugs called proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) work best. PPIs are taken in the morning, before your first meal, and can come in the form of prescription or over-the-counter medicines.

In the last decade, it has become more and more common to see prescription heartburn medications become available over-the-counter (OTC). While it is great to have options available at your fingertips, it’s important to remember that the OTC counterparts of these once-prescription drugs could have a different – and lower – dosage. Therefore, make sure you talk to your health care provider about what strength is right for you.

I always recommend Prilosec OTC to my patients. I also recommend Prilosec OTC to my own family, and that’s what I have on hand for my brother in-law when he comes for long visits. Prilosec OTC was recently recognized by Pharmacy Times and U.S. News and World Report 2014 survey as one of the number one pharmacist recommended OTC proton pump inhibitor. In fact, Prilosec OTC was favored by more than 80% of pharmacists across the country.  

While heartburn can really put a damper on summer-time celebrations, it’s great to know that there’s treatment available! Hopefully this post will help you determine the best treatment option, and if you still have questions, your doctor, nurse practitioner, pharmacist, or other provider is always there to help!


Disclosure: Because so many of my patients, family and friends have heartburn, I am working with Prilosec to help get the word out about treatments for heartburn.


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