First blog since Blogher '11 - shame on me, since I have so much to say!

It has been a while since I lasted posted and that is because life happens.   No doubt many of you are shaking your head in understanding on that comment.  Earlier this month, I attended the BlogHer ’11 conference in San Diego and had a great time talking to others about their blogs and about mine.  I met mothers of teens who expressed interest in the website, women with health concerns who identify with some of the issues we face due to our changing bodies while aging, and women who write about their families and businesses. To those I met, thanks for spending the time, as that above everything else made my experience rich.

While at Blogher’11, I exchanged business cards with almost 150 people.  After returning home, I went to each and every site to see what others are doing.  I saw a whole range from sophisticated sites with sponsors and great graphics to simple sites with interesting stories to tell.  It was fascinating to see, as I usually focus on health sites that are done by professional organizations. The sites brought me into a personal place and I felt admiration for those who wrote about their most poignant experiences.  

Additionally, loved the fun and crazy sites that made me laugh out loud as I identified with experiences that made me crazy at certain times in my life.  What I truly appreciated is that we all share so many common experiences.  Our approach and perception differs and that is what makes life so interesting.  

Another aspect of Blogher ’11 that I totally enjoyed was the sponsor booths.  Yep, I am still: eating deliciously smooth Lindt chocolate (see Lindt, I was listening), asking every McDonalds I buy happy meals at if they have the half french-fries and half apple meals, starting to do budget stuff on the Chase website, enjoying delicious Kudo bars that are more nutritious than I realized and sharing with my grandchildren fun toys and games from Nickelodeon that I was generously given as I passed by their display.  Loved the Jimmy Dean sausage, the cookbooks and the sex toys (actually, I was surprised to see the company but everyone carried their totes around with their give-a-ways wrapped inside with tissue.).   Big thanks to Yahoo for the great book on blogging.  You are helping me improve!  CVS, love the mini clinics that have saved me lots of time while making me healthier.   Enjoying the books recommended by  sassymonkey and am now a Blogher book club member.  Thanks sassymonkey!!

Lastly, thank you Tampax and Always for making it possible for me to attend Blogher ’11 and to P&G for giving me space in the P&G house bathroom where I could chit chat with other bloggers passing through.  I stood near the Charmin potty.  Actually, when no one was around, I had a photo taken of me with the Charmin Bear.   My grandkids were impressed that I met the Charmin bear and I made sure they knew that the Charmin Bear always washes his hands after he uses the potty.  

In ending, a big SHOUT OUT to my new friends and I am looking forward to blogging about what I enjoy most: women’s health, teens, periods and products!


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