The first blog I ever wrote on Blogher...2007...

You know what's weird?


Because the more things change, like my weight (up, up and away), my looks (I've totally written off everything from the neck down), and job situation...the more things stay the my job situation...I made a promise to myself I was going to see this NaBloPoMo November challenge all the way through, and I've finally found one promise I could keep...the pledge to eat healthier, forgetaboutit...lose weight (where did I put my can of Coke?), stop drinking so much Coke...(here it is)...But what has really amazed me is how my life now, is almost exactly like my life when I first discovered Blogher, in 2007...with the exception of how I felt about the boss in my blog, everything in my life is, well, about the same...the boss in my first post, he's now one of my facebook friends, and you know what, I actually like here for your reading pleasure, the very first blog I ever posted on Blogher...

Cindy Huber

NaBloPoMo November 2012




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