First Blog Post


This is my first post here.  I am a health and nutrition coach.  I help people to understand the effects of unhealthy eating on their bodies, and how they can live a longer healthier life through better nutrition.  I also hep people understand what exactly better nutrition really is.  Most of us know a few of the basics, but do you know the real reasons why we all see to gain that extra weight around the middle when we approach age 40?  We are also fooled by the advertising on TV, telling us that certain foods are healthy that really aren't.  The key to losing weight, is really the same key to not ending up with diabetes, dementia, heart disease, and high cholesterol.  It is the same reason why we have such high rates of infertility today, and autism, and ADHD.  Through this blog, I will guide you through how to make healthy lifestyle changes so that you can understand how to be healthy, and at the same time lose weight, and be more fit.  We can make these changes by understanding how to eat as well as understanding the toxins in everything around us, as well as our hormones, and how they effect our health. 


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