First Day of Hunting - Kyle's Story

First Day of Hunting - Kyle's Story


There is a passion for hunting something deeply implanted in the human breast.  ~Charles Dickens
Kyle hunting Aunt Heather Piper 11-26-12
First day of buck hunting.... Kyle's playing with an orange 11/26/12

So I got my hunting license this year, doe tags.  The first in a long long long time, since I was in my early teens.  Originally, I got my hunting license to help dad out with our newest little hunter, Kyle, but now it's become a pastime we share.  My sister, who always enjoyed hunting didn't get her license, although wanted to and mom hasn't hunted in years either.  Maybe next season we can all go again.

As of this year, Kyle got a button buck Deer Hunter, Kyle's First Deer and dad got three doe and a spike in New York.  Yes, my dad ritually gets his license for New York, Green County, Westmoreland County, Wayne County and Allegheny County.  Plus he always sends away for his bonus tags.  He is a true hunter through and through.  The deer meat he obtains in hunting season feeds the family all year long.  And yes we do butcher our own deer meat.

If it wasn't made evident yet, we are a family of hunters, which is not uncommon in the Piper family as well as mom's side of the family, the Olczak's.   It's pretty typical for an entire family to venture into the woods uniformly dressed in orange, get together before a day of hunting and/or meet up after the sun sets.  I am no stranger to hunting, guns and deer meat.  In fact, now that I'm thinking about it, Kyle's deer from mentor hunting had a really good taste to it.  Deer meat is such a clean fresh meat, very lean and natural.

Kyle & Aunt Heather Piper 11-26-12
Me & Kyle first day of buck hunting. 11/26/12

This past Monday, dad went to Indiana County to hunt while Kyle and I stayed around my parent's house.  The woods near their house is convenient, it's in close proximity and I can always find a cousin or neighbor if I need assistance and on Monday there was no shortage of cousins or friends of the family.  Indeed, the woods were quite polluted with orange bodies floating around the leafless trees and snow covered ground.  It makes it a little awkward, you don't want to be too close to your neighboring deer slayer, it's not sportsmanlike and it could be dangerous.

In the morning I got up around 4:30 am or so, along with mom and dad. Good old Gigi, got breakfast ready and was there to assist and get us out the door.  Dad ate his breakfast and left pretty early, even before Kyle rolled out of bed.  I decided to leave Kyle get a few extra Z's before our first day of buck hunting.  The night before we laid out our cloths and were ready to follow dad's routine of getting dressed and migrating towards the woods.  Dad was so ready, he even stopped by his hunting destination the day before and dropped off the quad, so he was he was in position at sunrise.  My little Kyle was not so ambitious.  He slept till 6:00 am, which was pushing it since sunrise was around 7:00 am.  What I didn't anticipate was Kyle's slow moving nature in the morning.  I should have known better and got him up earlier, but I wanted Kyle to get his fill of sleep.  By the time he moseyed out of bed, it was after 6:00 am and he still needed to eat, get dressed and we needed to walk to our location.  Our final stopping-place wasn't far, but Kyle isn't exactly swift on his feet, especially carrying his bags and a rifle.

Me & Kyle first day of buck hunting.  11/26/12
Kyle was reading The Hunger Games while hunting 11/26/12

Finally, with a little bit of the typical Kyle complaining we were out the door!  You know the standard, he didn't want to layer up, he didn't want his boots tied too tight (meaning practically falling off of his feet) all the standard grievances before leaving the house for a walk.

Our instructed hunting spot required us to hike down the hill, across the two fields into the woods.  Again, not far, but boy was that a struggle.  Sounds easy enough, except let's not forget I had a slow moving complaining child following me.  As we walked across the field to the spot where dad told us to plant ourselves, the sun was brightly shinning over the ridge.  We were late!  I hate being late for anything!  Now my patience is slowly slipping away.  Kyle was in his standard ten to twenty paces behind me, except he wasn't quiet in the slightest bit.  He kept yelling over at me, "Aunt Heather we can't shoot here, there's a house."  Really?  Did he think I was going to have him shoot at my Uncle Walter's house?  What irritated me, was we weren't even at our location!  For all he knew we had another mile to go.  Then I heard, "Aunt Heather!  I'm stuck!"  I turned around to find Kyle standing there with a small thorn stem on his pant leg.  It might have caught his pants by an inch or two, nothing life threatening and it certainly was not a roadblock.  He could have kept walking past it, which he did when I rolled my eyes and continued walking.  As we marched our way across the second field I kept waving for Kyle to speed up.  Ya right!  That never happened.  Then I heard the ultimate.  "Aunt Heather I lost my shoe!"  What?  Are you kidding me?  He walked out of his boot and just stood there like he was two years old expecting me to walk the entire way back to him, and put his foot back in the boot and tie it up!  I turned around and yelled, "Then put it back on!"  As Kyle went to say something else to me I lost it and yelled, "Kyle!  Just shut up!  There are deer around here and we are scaring them off!"  He did as I rudely instructed.  I'm not sure why he pushes me to that point, but he does.  Then he's usually back to a good kid again.

Aunt Heather Piper Instagram Hunting 11-26-12As I neared our hunting spot, I couldn't believe my eyes.


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