First Day of School – Memories and Worries


Today is the first day of school for our area. Like everyone, we were excited to get them back at it and back in a routine but while I was excited for them, I am also wrought with worry and hope for my girl As I (harshly) wrote about last week, the Divas are already trying to work their drama.

All I want is for her to have a good year that is void of little or no drama. I want her to enjoy the 8th grade – especially considering how stressful it will be next year as she goes to high school. The only thing that I want her to worry about is what to wear to the 8th grade dance and if she aced her classes. I do not want her to have the year she had last year. Or the past 3 years really. It seems the only thing that consumed her was  the drama these girls were causing. If it wasn’t directed AT her, it was directed at someone else that she was friends with and she felt compelled to help that person because she knew what it felt like. I’ve given her the best advice that I can on how to hold her head high, not let them get you down, you’re better than that and so on. We’re also making sure that she’s very involved in other activities this year. I want her so busy that she doesn’t have time to get caught up in the stupidity. It will also open her up to a different group of people.

But no matter what I say or what we do – she still has to live thru it. And it sucks.

I loved the 8th grade.. I really think it was my favorite year. I was involved.. I was the President of a couple of different clubs and the manager of our dance team. I was fortunate that I had a core group of friends and we all stuck together and we had each other’s back. Having a group of friends like that really does take the edge off of the snarky girls. You’re still aware of them but it doesn’t become such a focal point.

I hope that she’ll have a better collection of kids on her team this year. We already know that of the 4 wanna-bes, one of them is in her group but this one’s nothing more than a foot soldier and will have little steam without her posse. I hope that she’ll dig deep within herself and realize that she OWNS the year and than the only person who can talk down to her is herself and even that isn’t an option in my book. I hope she finally realizes how amazingly beautiful and wonderful of a human being she is and that the TRUE reason these girls are like this is because they are intimidated, insecure and jealous.

I realize all kids go thru these stages but it weighs heavy on my mind and heart watching her internalize these emotions. Like everyone, she just wants to be liked, have friends, laugh and have a good time. It is impossible to focus on the task at hand (school work) when all you’re doing is fending off the negativity and emotional stress that comes along with little divas.

I also hope that the moms of these girls will finally open their eyes, see what is happening to their kids and take some steps so that they don’t get worse. Because this is just middle school and it’s a “safe zone” for them. And we all know that the real world doesn’t take too well to their kind.

Wish us luck to champion thru… Until then, I’m waiting with bated breath to hear how the first day went. For all of them :)


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