First Friday of 2013!

  • This year has not started out well for my city. There was a death of a young woman, that is being treated as suspicious by law enforcement. One of the things that I actually enjoy about my city is the low crime rate. Sure there's petty crime, like any small city but the violent crime rate is very low. I'm not going to speculate about the details of the case because I don't know anything yet. The postmortem on the victim is being done within the next few days, or less. They details will surface in time. Other then that I'll just leave the subject with thoughts and prayers for the family & friends of the departed. RIP.
  • This weekend will probably be a cross between writing, editing and trying to shake whatever bug I may have. Although I feel much better this morning. It could just be that I'm tired or that the limited amount of sunlight is getting to me. Who knows? Maybe I should see if I can find a cheap blue light somewhere. I've heard that dogs can benefit from blue light therapy. Apparently they can get depressed or blue from the shorter days, like some human beings do. As I'm writing this I've noticed that Kai the cat was not her usual energetic self for a good 2-3 weeks. (She's fine now.) Don't worry, if she wasn't eating or drinking she would have been seeing her vet. Her appetite was normal, so the household didn't worry, too much.
  • Is it odd that I'm so happy that I finally purchased my 2013 agenda? I think I'm just happy because I've been searching the city for the last 6 weeks or so. I didn't get the brand that normally do, because they haven't been in stock. Which I'm not to happy about. I've been using agenda's & this particular brand (Mead) for at least 10 years. The one that I did end up getting was not my normal brand, but I will be happily filling it out this weekend. Is anyone else, weird like me and thrilled to get their yearly agenda?

Enjoy the 1st Friday of 2013! I will not be participating because our First Friday's are downtown by the waterfront. Which equals, freezing temperatures. Plus the First Friday committee needs to bring in more businesses to participate. But that's another story.


Song of the Week:Gabriel's Oboe - The Mission (Original Soundtrack from the Film) Gabriel's Oboe, The Mission (Original Soundtrack from the Film), 2004, Ennio Morricone. See Gabriels's Oboe. (Links may not work in all countries.)

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