My First Impressions of the Apple iPhone 4s

My first impression?  love.  oh yes.  Steve, thank you so much for this final gift to us. i'm sure there are more of your ideas being worked on at Apple, but let me say this about Siri, amazing.  She doesn't think I am appropriate asking her how old she is.  haha!    

On the outside, it looks identical to the iPhone 4, but on the inside it's a totally different piece of amazement.  It's fast, very fast.  although, i rarely thought the 4 was slow.  The camera will definitely replace my Nikon s8000.  With 5 lens elements, f2.4 aperture, it has become a terrific subsitiute for a point and shoot.  

My camera of choice is my Nikon d300, and when I'm going on a shoot, that is what I bring.  But my phone is always in my pocket, or beside me, so when a special moment happens,  I'm ready to capture it.  The camera screen opens much faster than the old 4.  

It took joining a photo 365 to really consider my iphone 4 a camera.  Taking a daily picture taught me it's limitations and the quality of the photos were good.  Adding a wide open aperture to the camera has definitely changed the quality of indoor photos.


iphone 4S no flashThis photo was taken in a moderately lit resturant.  Note that the graininess is gone!  I haven't taken a lot of photos as of yet.  But I will.  I've got Quinn to a point now that he will smile and say cheese for me.  He loves looking at the photos on my phone, and watching a 17 month old flick through the pictures on the phone is something I would never have expected to see in my lifetime.

Below is a photo that I just took outside my living room window.  


Yes Steve, this is a winner.  Thank you for your last and best gift to us to date!



I wanted to keep this forever


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