First kisses

First kisses are always memorable. The rush, the anticipation, the fear all packed in before you go in for the kill. It can be a slow kiss, tongues exploring each other in a slow build up that leads to a breathless finish or a fast, passion fueled kiss with little technique involved. Th rush and the tumble is all part of it.

I have kissed a lot of boys and some girls. I, however have 5 that stand out in my mind for specific reasons.


My very first kiss

This was super, super awkward. I was 15 and had never been kissed before. It was with my first real boyfriend. He was in a band and had long curly hair. He played guitar. We went to the cinema. We were watching “Deuce Bigalow, world’s greatest Gigolo” or something like that. I was sweating with the nerves. I didn’t know what was going to happen. He leaned in and we did this awkward sideways kiss. He mouth was like a washing machine. He kept just circling his tongue round and round. Just like that, I felt a little bit of my childhood drift away. I was a girl and I had been kissed.


My first love

This was the guy that I feel madly in love with at 16. He was a charmer, he was Australian and he was gorgeous. I was still going out with my first boyfriend at the time. The Aussie however charmed me for the next few months until I eventually broke up with my boyfriend. We had been waiting for weeks to finally have that first kiss. I was having a girly sleepover in my house. He came outside my estate ,I snuck out in my PJs to meet him. We kissed under the streetlight for 20 minutes and I felt like I was floating. I was high with happiness. Nothing could beat this euphoric feeling.


My best male friend

I was upset as I had just broken up with the Aussie. He had also gone through a rough break up. We both met up in the pub to just spill and vent. We both got tipsy. He walked me home, it was snowing and was icing. One of the car parks was covered in ice. We skated around a bit, slipping about, holding each other. I skated towards him, tripped and he caught me. He held me and I kissed him, taking him unawares. That was the only kiss we ever shared but it was cute and romantic.


The airport kiss

This kiss took place with the previous boyfriend. The German. The Heart crusher. We had had romantic skype exchanges over the past few months before I decided to come over to Germany to visit my best friend and him. When I came out of the arrivals area in Dusseldorf airport, I saw no sign of him. I wandered around until eventually I spotted him at a coffee stand. I called his name but he couldn’t hear me. I came over to him and gave him a playful kick. He turned around and the look he gave me took my breath away. Literally. It was like I was some goddess. He grabbed me and pulled me into a passionate embrace and kissed me until I saw stars.


The knowing kiss

This was with the current boyfriend. He traveled all the way from his hometown at 12 at night to see me. We walked, we talked. I was entranced. I waited at the bus stop with him so he could catch his bus. He turned to me and said “So are you going to shift (kiss) me or what?” I leaned in and we kissed, sparks flew and my heart sang. The next day he came to pick me up, in his haste, he dove to fast into the curb and burst his tyre. We then spent the next 2 hours trying to change his burst tyre to no avail. His Dad eventually had to come around. He was so embarrassed, it was so funny. He had so wanted to impress me. I was already hooked. The imperfections and the mistakes attracted me, he was normal, he was capable of showing human emotions and he really was nervous so he liked me. It was simple and beautiful and I’m still hooked.

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