First Post!



    I have never blogged before! This is my first blog and my first post! I'll be posting about my lifestyle and opinions on diet & fitness. I've just started the Paleo diet. I’m only a couple months into it but excited to document my experiences.


    A little background.... My name is Kelsi Hamele. I'm a 22 year old part time college student, and nutrition-fitness lover. I'm not overweight, not trying to lose weight, or have unrealistic expectations. I'm 5'3 and approx. 100 lbs.  I think I may suffer from a hormonal imbalance. I'm hoping my diet adventures will only enhance my health and body.  My other motivation to change my life is my family. Diabetes, heart disease and cancer run in my family, which is a gloomy future. I'm hoping to avoid these issues for myself and currently working on convincing my father to change his diet and lifestyle.

     What I can say so far... I've done a lot of researching into diets, lifestyles, etc.  I'm not 100% paleo yet.  My current diet still has white and wild grain rice in it.  Since it's around the holidays, I've been craving everything 5 Publix pumpkin pies a week! I did make an effort to make a healthier Thanksgiving feast. I got my recipe inspiration from the site Wellness Mama . I've also taken time off from cardio and yoga but plan to get back into it. I was previously doing 17 mile bike rides once a week, and a metabolic work out with Lasante Fitness Cafe.  I also was doing various forms of yoga at Heat Yoga & Fitness. I'm eager to see my body transform into a lean healthy machine.



Forgive me for the links not working. I did say I'm new to this.


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