First Run of the Week

The week before last, I didn't go running until Wednesday.

Last week I went running for the first time on Thursday.

This week, my first run was yesterday.  I ran again today, and I plan to run tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday.  Even if I miss one of those days, I can still get in a solid four days of running, and not have to try to cram mileage in over two or three days because that's all I have left in the week.

Based on experience, my guess is that this week will be significantly better (mileage-wise, and therefore possibly in other regards as well) than the past two weeks, and I'm going to boldly chalk a lot of that up to the fact that my first run this week was on Tuesday instead of today.  It's even entirely possible that if I were to run on Mondays, I'd have the best weeks ever, each week better than the last!  Okay, maybe I won't take things that far...but it's not entirely outside the realm of possibility.

This is all pretty much in accordance with the principle of training inertia, as far as I'm concerned.  The longer you go without working out in any given week, the less likely you are to get started.  If instead you take the bull by the horns and get some exercise in on Monday or Tuesday, you're more likely to stay consistent throughout the week and hit your target mileage or number of workouts.  Moreover, by spreading your workouts out over a greater number of days, you're putting less stress on your body and increasing the likelihood that you'll be able to go into those workouts feeling fresh instead of exhausted.

Is this an absolute truth?  Have I stumbled upon the secret to successful training, the key to workout glory?  No, probably not.  This may only apply to me.  But when I reflect back on my training history and consider how many good weeks have started with a run on a Tuesday and how many bad weeks have started with a run on a Wednesday or a Thursday, I can't help but think I'm on to something.

Do you also find that you are more likely to have a good week of workouts when you start early in the week?



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