The first step in getting organized - keeping your plans in one place!

When you're thinking of getting organized, what is one of the first
things that comes to mind? Oh yeah. Well besides that...finding a
planner, right? :)

Are you in search of the perfect planner?
Just in case you are, I thought I'd review a few of the ones I've come
across in my organizational series. Speaking of that series, I'd like
to apologize that it's running about a month late - obviously I need
some remedial organizational assistance!

One of the most
important aspects of finding a planner is finding one that you like and
fits your needs well enough that you will stick with it. Another key is
finding a planner that has everything you need so you can keep all your
information in one spot - no flipping through several planners or
notebooks trying to remember where you wrote that key piece of
information. That said, I'm going to violate the second principle just
a bit...if you have a business or side project that you need to keep
organized, it may work best for you to separate your "home life" from
your side projects or business, as long as you are conscientious about
keeping everything in its place so you know where it is.

The Busy Body Book
planner has a unique grid format that allows you to track and
coordinate five different schedules at once. Each page contains a week,
with weekends having just as much space as weekdays. The opposite page
has a blank and lined section for to do lists, notes, doodles, etc. The
possibilities are endless - track family member's schedules, school
subjects, business or home projects, meal plans, and more. This planner
is one that is especially well suited for either home management or
business planning, and I could easily see myself keeping one for work
and one for home. The planner includes 2 large pockets, a bookmark,
contact pages, shopping lists and a planning calendar. There are
several stylish cover designs to choose from, and at $17.95 this
planner is very affordable!

The Busy Body line of products also
includes a magnetic fridge pad with seven tracking columns and a lined
note section. The days are also unassigned, so you can use them
whenever you like and the pad is tailorable to any month or year. There
is also a seven column wall calendar available, great for displaying
and coordinating family schedules, chores, meal plans, etc.

BusyBodyBook products are available at,, and several other online and specialty stores.

Mom Essentials
planner is great for moms on the go - small enough to fit in a purse
and with a built in elastic closure you can keep it together wherever
you are. This planner includes

  • a week at a glance tear out calendar section
  • a space for contacts
  • to do lists
  • a meal planning section that includes space for both take out and menu planning (menu ideas side by side with a grocery list)
  • a notes section
  • a pocket for any miscellaneous items you need to keep safe

In addition, there are a variety of funny post it notes for added reminders or leaving notes for others.

Mom Organizer

stylish wall calendar comes with a large space for the details of each
day, reminder stickers, a chore chart, and space for emergency and
contact information. A storage pocket helps keep important documents
handy. For added fun, you'll find a list of unusual holidays such as
national popcorn day and international talk like a pirate day listed on
the inside cover.

My Daily Bubble

planner uses the power of bubble maps to help you gain control over
your to do lists and creatively map out your life. One side of each
page is a lined list of items, the other side is a bubble map. This
planner is great for brainstorming about projects and coordinating
schedules. Planner pages are attached like a Rolodex, so you can add,
subtract, or rearrange easily. The Bubble Planner site has some great tutorials on using bubble maps and goal setting, as well as inspirational videos and tutorials.

The Daily Seed WholeBook
book is like a planner and a life coach rolled into one. Arranged
seasonally, each book contains planning pages and worksheets for a
quarter of a year. Designed to help mom's take a balanced look at each
aspect of life, these pages include space for a morning and evening
ritual, self care and relationships, visions/goals for the future and
more. The introduction includes information on how to get the most from
this book, and how to coordinate the "have to-s" with your values and
goals to create a life you are passionate about.

Sarah Pinto Weekly Planner
you're looking for a simple, stylish and green planner that will fit in
your purse, this planner is for you! Each week is divided into two
pages, with a space for appointments and to do lists for each day, as
well as a note section for each week. These planners are printed on
high quality recycled paper using soy based ink, and are made in the
USA. A portion of the proceeds for each of the beautiful "Tapestry"
planners goes to California Pacific Medical Center Pediatric Cardiology.

kind of planner do you use? What do you like/dislike about it? I'd love
to hear what's working for you, and what you'd like to see that you
haven't found yet!


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