First Thoughts

I woke up and, realizing I could, intentionally took a deep breath. I touched the covers, the brass headboard and stared at the wall for a moment. All of this comes with the ability to take a breath, I thought.

While getting ready for the day, I thought, this also comes with breathing. Running late, brushing my teeth and paying bills. It's all included.

That wasn't the first time I woke up this morning. I initially woke up at 5am and immediately started scouring Bloglovin' and three inboxes looking for a prompt I was too tired to use last night. I wrote for about 20 minutes, while sniffling and sneezing. Then, I caught a chill, nestled under the covers and fell asleep again. I didn't once think about breathing.

I didn't go to sleep last night thinking about breathing either. Last week, this time, someone broke into went into my car and stole a few dollars, my five-year old GPS and every nickel, dime, penny and quarter I had. Aside from rummaging through papers, there was no damage.

When I got home, last night, a strange (to me) truck was parked between my neighbor's house and mine. After being prompted by my daughter, I called 911, explained that someone recently "broke into" my car and asked if they could have an officer patrol the area. Then, I posted a quick list of the things I was most thankful for and went to bed. Fully clothed. Just in case. Maybe in some small way I was thinking about breathing last night.

Before I could get on the road this morning, I had to defrost my car. My initial thought was to douse her with a bucket of water but, knowing that wouldn't be a good idea, I started the car, took a seat and waited.

As the car got warmer, I watched as the heat slowly chased the thin white coat of ice from the middle of my windshield to its edges. Too impatient to continue waiting, I turned on the wipers and added a little wiper fluid to the mix. It seemed like a great idea, until I pulled out of my subdivision and the 31 degree air blew a much thinner sheet of ice across my windshield. Lessons also come with breathing.

Sometimes we're so busy fussing and fighting with all that comes along with breathing, we forget to be thankful. The GPS I no longer have is a result of someone being overwhelmed with all that comes with breathing. The police officer that arrived on her cellphone, questioned if my car was locked and if my garage was full, was responding to all that comes with breathing. Running late was a result of my making bad choices, another consequence of breathing. And, freezing air doing what freezing air does? Yes, inconveniences also come along with breathing. 

Such a simple thing but without it we don't get to experience the good and the bad of life.  

It's close to impossible to think about breathing without considering those that are no longer here. At some point, just like I decided to inhale, something inside of me will, one day, say No thanks, I'm good. 

That's what makes the experiences that happen with every breath so important. We can't have one without the other. 



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