First-Time Blogger Mistakes #11-15


This is the third installment in a series of First Time Blogger Mistakes.  Part 1 (Mistakes #1-5) and Part 2 (Mistakes #6-10) may show LadyBlogger to either be a thoughtful blogger who wants to help others not make the same stupid mistakes she's made, a bumbling idiot or both. Regardless of how that turns out for me, here's Part 3, "First-Time Blogger Mistakes 11-15."

Blogger Mistake #11: Entering everyone's giveaways, none of which I won...  

Okay, I admit I did win one giveaway very early on in my blogging career, but that was the worst time to win because I foolishly thought that if I entered more, I'd win more...Entering a load of giveaways simply had me following hundreds of other bloggers on multiple social media platforms who never followed me back. Most of these people were not in my niche and, other than having a blog, had very little in common with me.  Although "you can't win if you don't play," please remind me to also stop buying lottery tickets.

Blogger Mistake #12: Not realizing there might be a stalker in my future

When I first started blogging, I wrote a piece about my observations in a coffee shop.  I wrote about what I saw, what I heard, and what I imagined people were saying to each other and typing in their laptops.  Nothing disparaging, just people-watching...When that post was published, I started getting very rude comments from one particular person for every post I wrote.  Every single post. Mean, name-calling comment every time.  I wasn't monitoring reader comments prior to this, but that lovely reader taught me to keep the "comments must be approved first" button on at all times. 

Blogger Mistake #13: Registering for webinars and forgetting all about them

I still do this.  I love to learn new things and I get so excited when I read about a great, FREE webinar!  I register for it (sometimes I even remember to put it in my calendar) and then usually forget about it.  I can't tell you how many times I've done this.  I'm so thankful if the webinar host emails me a recording of the webinar, and I always watch it, but not all of them are recorded.  It's absolutely impossible to learn everything one needs to know about blogging, social media, marketing, publishing and all-things blogoshere, but I'm still trying. 

Blogger Mistake #14: Misspelling the name of my website and wondering why it won't get verified

Getting things set up can be very frustrating.  Sometimes getting everything ready can be much harder than the actual day-to-day blogging upkeep.  Google + publisher status, getting verified for other social media platforms, it all takes time and a lot more patience than I usually have available!  In my haste to get it all done, I misspelled the name of my website (more than once) and could not figure out why it wouldn't get verified.  -sigh-

Blogger Mistake#15: Confusing URL and HTML When I began blogging, I thought everyone needed a "button" for their blog (they don't) and that a whole lot of bloggers would take my button and advertise it on their own blog.  This didn't happen, of course, and I never ended up displaying other people's buttons on my sidebar, either.  Doing this has nothing to do with being a successful blogger, I discovered, and  I prefer to use my sidebar space for advertisers who pay for that real estate...  When I was trying to create a button, I used the URL of the image and thought it was the HTML code...I did this over and over and over again, not realizing why my button wouldn't work.  I finally gave up.  By the time I figured out what I'd done, I was beyond caring.  I still don't have a button with HTML, I have a png image that links back to my website.

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