First Time Business BlogHer attendee says, "I'm Probably The Oldest Person In The Room."

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At 8:30 this moring she walked up to the 12 person table where I was seated and asked me, " Are all these seats taken?" There were just four of us at the table and I said, " Sit down."

Her name is Terry Gamer. This is her first blogging conference. She is 64 years old and until four months ago she didn't know a blog from a Twitter. She doesn't have a blog. She's thinking about starting one but not quite sure what she would write about.

27 years ago she founded the first women's only newspaper. Since then she and her husband, who was killed in a car accident last year, founded several businesses. She is now the CEO of an emerging social media company targeted to baby boomer women--even though she admits she knows very little about social media.

She is absolutely excited about this emerging market and explains why not being an expert should not stop someone from starting a business. I feel really fortunate that this "newbie" decided to sit down and chat with me.


Click here to listen to our conversation


Jst got back from the reception where we had wonderful conversation, wine and appetizers. My favorite line from today's conference came from Heather at Wiggly Wigglers who said small business people who say they do not have the time to blog are " Lazy Cows."

Shannon McKarney of explained in the UK it doesn't have the same meanting as it does here -- even so I loved the image and the spirit.


My second favorite line from today is " The younger generation are digital natives, we are digital immigrants."

It was a great day.



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