A First-Time Dog Owner Seeks Her Perfect Match

Adopting your first dog in midlife is, depending on which friend I ask, outrageously idiotic, exceptionally courageous - or brilliant. Arf. Despite the fact that most of my friends tend to fall into group 1 ("You're too old to learn new dog training tricks!"), I am persisting. 

I've experienced the heartbreak of visiting animal shelters, the frustration of attempting to find a dog on Craigslist and the bewilderment of reading an abundance of books on dog adoption, dog breeds and dog training. And then there's Petfinder, which has become more addictive than chocolate. 

Thus far, I have only achieved one decision in the long process to finding my perfect canine match: No puppies. I want an adult dog, perhaps a senior, who just might feel like I do: A woman and a dog need each other. 


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