Reducing the meds....First time ever!

We have had some really rough spots with the boys. Honestly, it wasn't too long ago that I was whining about this very issue. The past year and half we have been overwhelmed with appointments after appointment. From OT, ST,PT, and visual therapy, psychiatrist, counseling, chiropractors, ER, and just plain sick days. I  often joke that I may not be a soccer mom by any measure, but I sure am an appointment mom.

Between all of our therapy, vitamin supplements, sensory home diet, homeschooling, and diet changes, I am very proud to say that we are finally able to reduce their medicine. Gabe is taking half the Concerta, no Ritalin, and 1/2 the Resperdol for two weeks now.  I never thought I would see this day. I am so ecstatic for him, I don't even know how to express myself.   He isn't drooling, he isn't fidgeting his his seat, his hand writing is getting neater, he is WANTING to read, and he is wetting the bed less.   I didn't think I would see this much improvements from vitamins & chiropractor. I thought, meh I might see change.  I never thought it would be this soon.

Zeke is just blossoming. He has been conversing more, let me remind you, 2 years ago he lost his speach and eye contact.  He  has been making friends, and actually wanting his friends to come over.  He has stopped his tip-toe walking, walking in circles,  eating more, wetting the bed less, hugging, kissing and holding my hand.  He is so affectionate. The first few times, I was sort of tearful. Nothing makes you feel more rejected then your child refusing to touch you.

We haven't reduced his medicine just yet. But I think it will be soon. In fact, two years ago when they tested Zeke, they thought he was classically autistic, but because he was very specific with his activities, and when he did speak, it was very specific subjects, they thought Aspergers would be a better diagnoses for him. His test this time, revealed that he displayed no symptoms other then  OCD, ADHD, and anxiety issues. He was able to hold eye contact and carrying on a conversations, and he didn't with draw from touching.  They still say his has ASD, but is now considered  high functioning like Gabe & their father.

Next big thing I need to tackle this year is personal hygiene.  Getting them to take a bath more then once a month would be a miracle.

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Zoia Nusbaum



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