First week back

I had perhaps forgotten the pell-mell havoc of getting ready for school in the morning. The day began well. I got up early, ironed everything and made the packed lunch. However, as soon as middle daughter came downstairs she immediately objected to the packed lunch and indeed rightly so as I had promised chocolate spread sandwiches for the first day back treat. She also complained that I had given her her sister's shirt and that it was too big. Again correct. I had to iron another one. Everyone ate breakfast after a fashion. Oldest daughter had Cheerios, middle daughter wanted a pancake and youngest daughter opted for dry Cheerios with milk on the side. I cleaned out the guinea pig who had come in for the night.
My partner rang to say I needed to put the bin out. Our area is having a "green" bin change which is so complicated that we have both read the leaflet about 20 times and still got the wrong day for putting out the big black bin, as opposed to the garden and food bin or the teeny tiny 'caddy bin' or the recycling bags and box. There must be ways to simplify things, mustn't there? I can see myself getting to 80 [ok, maybe even 50] and not being able to understand anything of modern life [even now I am having to not use the joint account because I have forgotten yet again what the pin number is, after a temporary lapse when I remembered].

After putting out the bin, I was running late and I had promised to take umpteen pictures of everyone in school uniform. Then oldest daughter dropped guinea pig and we had a minor panic that he was hurt. So, despite the best of intentions, we ended up doing the usual last minute jog into school. Everyone was lined up in their normal starting positions. I'm talking about the parents here. The big children went in and then there was a 10-minute delay for the newbies. Youngest daughter got very serious and sat on my lap and hugged. Her teacher told everyone to line up. She still looked very serious. I waved her goodbye and stifled the urge to sob uncontrollably and headed off up the freeway at top speed. My mum picked her up as she finishes at 11.45am for the first week and a half and took her out for a posh pizza to celebrate being a big girl. Guilt.
Apparently she had a great first day and is a little disturbed that no-one had a birthday because only on birthdays can you eat candies at school. Oldest daughter told the world about the guinea pig and middle daughter got worms. I think this is a world record, although it is going to be difficult to pin this one on being at school. I am just waiting for the nits to appear.



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