First Year of Blogging is Almost Over!

I would first like to say that a milestone of 2012 is that I did my very first GUEST POST!!! However, it doesn't qualify as a favourite post for 2012 because it won't be posted until 2013. It's for this blog: Check it out now, and in the new year for my post!

For my blog I have 97 published blog posts to chose from. Which isn't a whole lot, or maybe it is since I started in July? I am not entirely sure! I'm not sure if I have a favourite, but I do have some milestones I would like to share.
My first book review: Saturday Review: Book: Room
I really found this enjoyable. I've been so exhausted I fall asleep every time I read. I am hoping to remedy this in the new year, but with a new born I am not going to pressure myself.

My first post about gender: But What IS IT?

My first post about weight: Doctor's Old School Advice

My husbands first movie review post: Saturday Review: Movie: Bourne Legacy
I really wish I could convince him to do this again. He is too hard on himself! The SEO on these posts got me view hunny! haha :)


To see more and to see some personal milestones please read


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