Fish Story

My birthday is during the first week of March. I was due sometime in April, but my mother was “high risk” and I was measuring larger than I should have been at that point (yes, already with the thinking bigger than I actually was).  Thinking they had mis-calculated her due date, labor was induced.

Twelve hours later, I came screaming into the world and understandably so.  While it is true I was a chunky 8 pounds, I was technically premature and probably resented the interruption to my baking schedule.  My lung development was not complete, my bilirubin levels were through the roof so I looked like a pumpkin, etc.  So, by medical intervention, I am a Pisces and not something else (Aries, maybe?) .


Following the lead from the awesome CombatBabe’s post from yesterday,I decided to explore my starry side and have an excuse to use Hello Kitty pictures and annoying gifs.  From CafeAstrology’s website, here is all you are supposed to know about me based on the day I was forced from my mother’s womb!

Element: Water

Was there any question?  A fish+fire=dinner.  Fish+earth=fertilizer. Fish+air=Lew Zealand’s Boomerang Fish.


Ruler: Neptune

Better than Pluto…

Too soon?

Too soon?

Season: Winter

OK.  I would say fishing season is normally not in the winter, but that is probably a good thing. No getting hooked in the mouth trying to have a snack.  Just chillin’ in the chilly water.

12th Sign of Zodiac

Last place.  Wah wah waaaaaah.

Metal: Tin

Seriously?  Fish and tin…wonder what that brings up pictures of?

Sorry, Charlie!  But here's your family in a can if that helps!

Sorry, Charlie! But here’s your family in a can if that helps you feel better!

Stone:  Jade, Coral.

Depending on where you look, this is also supposed to be sapphires and emeralds.  I am not a jewelry person by any means, but guess which colors I like better?

Color: Sea Green

Lordy.  It’s like I have been transported to Miami in the 1980s and am living with the Golden Girls.  Sea green is the color of washed out, sunbleached, emerald-green dreams, fading slowly away.

Then again, if those colors were good enough for Dr. J to help the team to victory, maybe I shouldn't complain.

Then again, if those colors were good enough for Dr. J to help the team to victory, maybe I shouldn’t complain.

Anatomy: Feet, Veins

Yes, I have those.  Plus some other parts.  No, they’re not for sale.  You don’t want them anyway, trust me.

Keywords about a Pisces. First thoughts on each of these:

intuitive -Is this used for anything other than software anymore?

dreamy -Only when I can sleep.

artistic -In my mind…in real life, not so much.

humane -Yes, after all I haven’t killed the Creatures at home yet despite waking me up in the middle of the night and keeping me from being dreamy.

sympathetic -I’m sorry, did you say something?

sensitive -Ouch!  Stop poking that voodoo doll there!

compassionate -Sure.

perceptive -We’ll see.  I get my new glasses soon.

tender -Chubby=soft, not chewy

impressionable -Maybe?


Replace spiritual with hypnotizing…


All joking aside, I am sure a lot of these things do apply to me, depending on my mood or who you ask.  I am just as sure if I go and look up several other signs that I may also fit the criteria for those one way or another.

The problem I had with this is that on all the sites I looked at to come up with this post, most of them had conflicting information.  For example, one site had my romantic matches as Capricorn (kid’s father and my last relationship) and Gemini.  Another had it as Scorpio (ex-husband) and Virgo.  Or I am flighty, but dependable.  Serious, but not.

Then I decided to look up the kid’s sign (Leo) and found more of the same thing. Things could apply definitely, or just maybe.  Depending, of course.


If astrology is something that you are into and take seriously, then I am sure you have better resources and understanding of how this all works.  I am not trying to make fun of this, I am trying to get across that I have no idea what the hell I am talking about.  Obviously.

Do you follow what astrologers have to say about your sign?  Where would you suggest someone go to get this information based on your experience?

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