This Fish Thingy on Friday

I was raised Catholic.  I went to Catholic school, all 12 years.  Never missed Mass unless I was dying.  Oh, dressed in Sunday Best.  Is that phrase even understood anymore?  My sister was a hell raiser, she use to fight my parents, especially my Dad.

She would say, “Dad, do you really think God cares what I wear to Mass?  C’mon, do you really think God cares if I wear jeans and a t-shirt?”  Now, I was different.  I was forever planning my Sunday outfit and I checked out what everyone was wearing.  I was such a fashion plate and Church was a Fashion show.  I know, that is not the reason for church LOL.

Anyway,I raised my children Catholic,too.  The whole nine yards.  They started in Catholic school but, well, let us just say it didn’t work out for my son.  AND, he has some issues with the Catholic Church.  I have a feeling it stems from those ‘issues’.  My daughter, well, she doesn’t go to Church every week but I will say that both my kids give me no problem when they are home and they still dress in their Sunday Best.

But, other traditions are questioned! Especially by my son!!

Yes, my son loves to give me crap about the Faith.  He knows better to say anything around his grandparents but he loves to get me riled up.  Now, during Lent I love to remind my family that they need to eat fish on Friday.  A few weeks ago we were all together and my son started jabbing at me. Nothing new!

My lovely son said at dinner on Friday, “Mom, you have been a Catholic forever (read old) so what is the reasoning for fish on Friday during Lent?”

I am thinking in my head, “Here we go and jeez, I don’t really know,just eat the damn fish, is it really that hard?”  But, as any good mother does, I lie and say, “We are suppose to sacrifice during Lent, just like Jesus and for Jesus, so we eat fish.”  (sounds good, right?)

Did, I mention my son is 23 years old, in law school and he tends to debate like a pain in the ass lawyer?  Yeah, well that his him.

My son looks up and reasons, “So, why was fish a sacrifice?  Wouldn’t meat be more of a sacrifice back then?”  He kind of has that cat has the mouse look on his face.

I am thinking but do not say, “That makes sense but who cares eat the fish!” Why does he do this?  But, as any good mother knows, don’t give up the lie yet.  “Fish, was a treat too, so there and it doesn’t matter, it is what we are suppose to do now as a sacrifice and is it really that hard?”

Oh, he knows he has me, dead to rights!

He stares at me and says, “Mom, you have no idea why we eat fish, do you?”

I just look at him and say, “Just eat the fish.”

Oh, no he is going to keep talking, and I know it, “Mom, the Pope’s brother-in-law was head of the fishing industry and the fishing industry was hurting and yes, mom it was for political and economical reasons that the Pope had his great revelation that Catholics should eat fish every Friday to sacrifice for Jesus because in the beginning it was every Friday, not just during Lent.”

I looked up and said, “Eat your fish and don’t ever tell your grandfather that or else.”

He smiled.

His sister just shook her head and my husband laughed.

I have yet to research this so called Pope story.

Any Catholic know is he yanking my chain?  Have you heard the same thing?  Do you eat fish on Friday during Lent or not really care?

P.S.  I was thinking, I bet Red Lobster likes it too!!!

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