The Fisher House and What I learned

Today , my father, myself and fellow co worker Melissa went to the fisher house to help prepare and serve lunch to the military families who stay at the fisher house while their loved ones recover from battle wounds sustain from the current war. This week before Easter was a nice spread donated by the Hormel company. My dad, being a retired military man himself this was special for him to help purchase a few items and bring to help those who need a smile. I met some great people. Despite the many programs offered at the Fisher House the most I saw that was needed was for someone to listen. I met the ladies in the kitchen who just love helping out. I met a SSG Redman a wounded warrior and advocate for the cause for not forgetting those who suffer. I asked to let me write his story. He was honored and willing to spread his word. This is exciting for me but also to know we both will be helping people out.  The Fisher House is program that is a private-public partnership that supports America's military in their time of need.  It seems "need" is the most important. You can go to the local Fisher House .org foundation look up where a house is located. Call them, volunteer, donate and just be there to listen. They just want you to hear them and be there for them. Although, I did not do much today I listened and to me I know I helped someone by just listening. Happy Easter to each of you and may you always know that you are important no matter what path life takes you.



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