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It's been a good week. My slow start in this Inspiration to Fitness program has proven to be very beneficial in my journey... kind of like when you play with one of those pull back cars that go on their own. You know the ones, you pull them backwards, in the opposite direction that you want them to go and when you're ready, you let go! And off it goes! My slow start and determination has had that effect.

My resolve to have grace with myself for mistakes or being sick or not being able to do it every day has finally pushed me in the direction I have wanted to go but couldn't.  It's been helpful to set up my foundation in a slow and purposeful way...focusing on sleeping and eating, when my body was not healthy enough to exercise.  I encourage you to forget a bad day, just as soon as you hit the pillow that night and start the next one with a fresh start!

(like my mis-matched shoe laces? someone swiped a SHOE LACE from me?!)

The beginning of the week started off with long walks with the family. Not only are these walks beneficial to ME but they also benefit the whole family. We talk about all sorts of things, we spend time together without the distraction of TV or toys and most of all, we are exercising together! It speaks volumes to my kids to see us exercising and not just talking about it.

Also, an unexpected motivator has been my new watch. It's been all sorts of exercise nerd fun to set it and keep track of my time and calories burned. It really has been fun to see what kinds of exercises get what kinds of results.

I've also made up with an old enemy. After looking over some of Alysa's workouts and her suggestions and guides, a lot of it looked similar to what Jillian 30 day shred looks like. So for the sake of me being able to keep track a little better, stay committed and be consistent, I've started the shred again. It's good for me because I don't have to think about it, I can follow along and not have to think about what exercises come next because I've done it enough.

Alysa does set up a nice series, if you aren't a fan of videos, you should check them out.  I will be keeping track of Alysa's suggestions and altering my workout where needed. :)

I've also set up a goal for myself...if I can when I complete the shred...I'm getting a pair of glittery silver toms. :)

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