Fitness Friday: Inner Drive Fitness

Fitness Friday: Inner Drive Fitness

Fitness Friday: Inner Drive Fitness

I’m convinced that fitness and yoga studios are the happiest places on earth. Why? Because exercise produces endorphins, and lowers stress. Additionally, they’re very social places where it’s easy to meet other people. I defy you to take a fitness or yoga class and leave the class in a bad mood. It can’t be done.

When I heard about Inner Drive Fitness Studio in Newtown Square, I had to check it out for myself. Inner Drive offers indoor cycling classes, personal training, and individualized triathlon coaching services. Are you particular about the bike on which you ride? Not a problem. Inner Drive actually offers individuals the freedom to choose their Freemotion indoor bike or you can bring your own bike and use a Tacx Bushido trainer. Inner Drive also features state of the art video screens for an immersive cycling experience.

Jenny Ashbrook, the owner of Inner Drive, is the force behind this studio. Jenny started doing triathlons after her kids were born and has mentored and coached countless triathletes. Because of her background in athletic competition, Jenny’s studio has become a melting pot of avid, competitive athletes, as well as the busy moms and executives who need to find a good workout. Jenny has invested her heart and soul into this studio and cares sincerely about each member’s experience at her studio.

My Introduction to Inner Drive Fitness

I have been doing indoor cycling classes for years. It’s, far and away, my favorite kind of exercise. When I heard about Inner Drive’s unique cycling classes, I was intrigued.

I took Inner Drive’s unique cycling class, ‘Performance Cycling.’ I walked in, and everyone in the class was extremely friendly. I got set up on my bike and was mesmerized by the large video screens in front of me. Jenny asked me a few fitness questions and set a target athletic range for me. Each bike was assigned a number and, on the screens, each bike number had output data next to it. As the class started, the screen indicated how fast or hard I should be pedaling. If I reached the target goal, the bar next to my bike number was green. If I slipped, the color was orange. If I was below the goal, the bar next to my bike was red. Needless to say, I was very motivated to keep my performance up. My near-obsession with reaching the target goal in the class enabled me to focus exclusively on my output. I would think that this type of class would be perfect for someone (like myself) that tends to coast a tad when they are distracted. The screen’s output keeps each rider publicly accountable for his or her efforts. It was a very interesting and novel way to cycle indoors.

In addition to their unique performance cycling classes, Inner Drive offers more traditional indoor cycling classes, some utilizing the video screens for music video rides or virtual rides. Recognizing the importance of strength training in addition to cardio, the studio also offers a number of boot camp style classes, as well as the popular ‘Cycle and Strength’ classes. These classes are typically an hour in length, and participants spend approximately 30 to 40 minutes cycling, and finish their workout with strength and conditioning exercises.

Curious to Check it Out? Here’s What You Need to Know

Newbie factor:

  • Go to the website & check out the class schedule
  • As this is an intimate, friendly studio, the newbie factor is minimized. It’s a very welcoming group.
  • Because this studio is still relatively new, take advantage of some of the incrediblepromotions that the studio is running for new members.

Typical person at this studio:

  • The age range of members is 35-80 years old.
  • The gender ratio at the class that I took was 50/50.

What You Should Wear:

  • Wear something functional and that allows for fluid movement.
  • Cycling shoes are extremely helpful for indoor cycling classes.

Anything Else You Should Know:

  • There is ample parking in front of the studio.

About Inner Drive Fitness Studio

The Shops at Springton Pointe
210 South Newtown Street Road
Newtown Square, PA 19073



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Licensed Psychologist

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