Fitness Friday: MLS Fitness

Fitness Friday: MLS Fitness

Fitness Friday: MLS Fitness

MLS Fitness is a boutique aerobics and spinning studio in Haverford.  Marilu Sutter, the owner and director of MLS, is a petite woman with a personality that is larger than life.  Marilu taught aerobics classes in the ‘Fitness Factory’ at Main Line Health and Fitness for seventeen years before branching out on her own.  After leaving Main Line Health and Fitness, she opened her own studio in the Rosemont Square.  Feeling that it wasn’t the right fit for her needs, she moved her studio to Haverford.

Marilu has cultivated a devoted group of aerobics and spinning students that have followed her over several decades.  One step into her studio, and it was very easy to understand her appeal.  Marilu is incredibly warm, funny and charismatic.  Might I add, that she also has the athletic physique of a 19 year old girl.  Marilu’s athletic prowess, cheerleader spirit and hysterical sense of humor are the ties that bind this group together.  Marilu loves teaching fitness classes and is excited to have the opportunity to motivate her students. 

MLS Fitness, in many ways, is a ‘traditional’ aerobics studio.  Marilu installed springboard flooring in her studio so that each step, jump and hop is met with cushioned flooring.  This flooring, typically found at cheerleading competitions, enables her students to enjoy high energy aerobics well into their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s because it’s far gentler on the joints than a hardwood floor.

My Introduction to MLS Fitness

Class 1: ‘Drenched’

I was nervous to attend my first class at MLS for two reasons.  First, I haven’t done any type of step aerobics in twenty years.  Second, I have zero rhythm so the idea that I could follow the choreography of any aerobics class was laughable to me.  I walked in and Marilu instantly made me feel at home.  She introduced me to the other members, and got me set up.  The class was fun, the music was great, and I did better with the choreography than I had anticipated.  The 75 minute class flew by.

Class 2: ‘Kardio Kickbox’

Kardio Kickbox was a blast.  All of the ladies suited up in boxing gloves and the class involved shadow boxing, aerobics and punching bosu balls.  The indefatigable Marilu wore boxing pads on her hands and had each of us punch and kick her pads.  She was cheering for each person and screaming ‘this is how it’s done!’  She had the crowd motivated and laughing.  I, for one, merely marveled at how energetic she was.  I kept thinking, ‘this woman has grandkids and cannot be stopped.  What’s my excuse?’

Class 3: TRX/Yoga for Athletes with Dan Williams

This class started 10 minutes after Kardio Kickboxing ended.  I was on a bit of an endorphin kick and couldn’t wait to see what Dan had in store for us.  He instructed the class through a series of yoga poses, TRX strengthening exercises and whole body stretches.  It was the perfect complement to the high energy kickboxing class.

Curious to Check It Out?  Here’s What You Need to Know:

Newbie factor:

  • Email Marilu before attending your first class.  She is incredibly warm and welcoming and will certainly go out of her way to help to introduce you to the other members of her MLS family.

Typical person at this studio:

  • The women that I saw at the 3 classes that I took were 35 to 75 years old.  They ranged in athletic ability.
  • The women in this studio are friendly, warm and funny.

What You Should Wear:

  • Wear something functional and moisture-wicking as Marilu’s cardio will make yousweat.

Anything Else You Should Know:

  • Bring quarters for street parking as you are not allowed to park in the Haverford Square parking lot.
  • Bring a small towel and a water bottle.

About MLS Fitness

25 Haverford Station Road
(behind Raya’s Salon)
Haverford, PA



Lauren Napolitano, Psy.D.

Licensed Psychologist


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