Fitnessgrams: Your Kid Passed Math and Failed in BMI

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A in science, B+ in math, and an obese in weight? According to an article in Salon, middle school students in 65,000 schools in 19 different states are now receiving Fitnessgrams, the evaluation from a physical fitness assessment that looks at a students' BMI amongst other criteria.

Family Building with a Twist unpacks this idea, bringing in her own experience of being one of the tallest kids in her middle school class, and with that, numerically a higher weight than her fellow students.  At a time period in life when kids are already struggling to feel comfortable in their bodies, it becomes more hurtful than helpful to send home an assessment without any discussion on what to do with this body label.  She writes,

The problem is that while well-meaning, these initiatives are meant as a panacea instead of attacking the root causes of obesity. As the article points out, instead of patronizingly reminding overweight children to eat fruits and vegetables, why don’t we stop cutting recess and gym from the school day and stop serving crap in school lunches?  Instead of assuming that the majority of parents are clueless and give their children heaping bowls of sugar and fat at every meal, let’s look into the economics and reality of what it takes to cook and eat a healthy meal.

Please go over and read Family Building with a Twist's post in its entirety.

What do you think of Fitnessgrams?  And does your area school send them?


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