Five Elegant Appetizers for New Year's Eve

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Thanksgiving --> Christmas --> New Years. Whew, it's a three-holiday marathon and the finish line is in sight. But before we can breathe deeply and get back to eating and sleeping normally, there's the way station known as New Year's Eve. Whether you're celebrating quietly at home or heading out for a big party, chances are, there's an appetizer in your future. Here are a few elegant ideas.

City Mama ~ Gravlax "While my mom was visiting this week, she whipped up a batch of the most delicious gravlax. Following her recipe, it's very simple to make—the hardest part is waiting the three days for it to cure."

A Mingling of Tastes ~ Chicken Liver-Pistachio Pâté "If you are looking for elegant New Year’s Eve appetizers, I’m sending chicken livers to your rescue. If you are already gung-ho over nose-to-tail eating, this is child’s play. If you’re not so sure about chicken livers, consider this: they are so cheap and easy to prepare that you won’t be taking a big risk if you don’t like them. If you’re worried about squeamish friends and family, just call these dishes 'country pâtés' and hope they are too embarrassed to ask you to explain exactly what’s in it. After the first bite, they won’t care anymore."

Seduction Meals ~ Salmon Caviar Rolls "I loved the way the food was styled, shot and presented; so I decided to reverse engineer this process by concocting a recipe to go with the photo. While I am not a food photographer, and this photo is definitely better than mine, I have to say this dish tasted as good as the original shot looked."

Chocolate & Zucchini ~ Plum Tomatoes with Pecorino "...five minutes of preparation, and here's a pretty and tasty little appetizer to bring to your neighbor-friends' place when invited for the apéro (pre-dinner drink)."

Our Kitchen Sink ~ Onion Tart "I first made this tart ... a few weeks ago. And, trust me, I would have loved to post about it right away. But this tart has a super power that stood in the way. That’s right: this is a magically disappearing tart. When I first made it, as a little nibble for guests as they arrived at our bistro-themed Bon Voyage party for my friend Maggie, the tart vanished within mere minutes after I wielded my pizza wheel to slice it into squares."

And you?
And you, what's on your list for New Year's? Leave a recipe or a link to a recipe in the comments!

BlogHer food editor Alanna Kellogg loves-loves-loves to make cheese puffs in advance, then heat up just before serving.


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