The five love languages

I have wanted to read this book for such a long time. I finally read
it. It is really interesting about how we all have different love
languages. I took the quiz and my number one was words of affirmation.
which made sense to me because I love being spoken of kindly and given
words of encouragement. My second was physical touch was is also true
because I realize I love to hold my boyfriends hands and kiss him. I
also love to hug my mom and that's a way I show my love so it makes
sense that is a way I would receive love as well. My third was personal
time. I love to just sit and talk with my boyfriend for hours and my
mom as well. Sometimes we usually have our nightly chats. I thought the
book was really interesting and weather you are relating to kids, your
spouse, a parent, or whoever this book can really improve your


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