Five Myths About Losing Your Virginity

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MYTH #1: It’s perfectly normal to experience pain the first time you have sex.


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FALSE: Nearly 63% of women don’t experience any discomfort their first time having sex.

The fact is, some women are just born without a hymen and I happen to be one of them. And some girls have very thick ones that make sex painful. Some hymens stretch so much that they aren’t changed at all by intercourse. The fact is, every woman has a different experience with her hymen and none of them are indicative of her sexual purity. In fact, the notion that there is such a thing as sexual purity is pretty bunk.

The word, ‘hymen,’ originally just meant, ‘membrane,’ in ancient Greek, because that’s all it really is– a thin membrane covering or partially covering the entrance of the vagina. But over time, the word took on new meanings, including as the Greek god of marriage, and an indicator for whether or not a woman was marriageable material.

In many cultures, before a woman was married, she would be examined to see if she still bore a hymen and was, therefore, still a virgin. Or, on the morning after her wedding, she would have to show off her bloody sheets to prove that her husband had taken a virgin that night. Of course, if there was no hymen or no blood to show, the consequences could be dire. Frankly, as a woman who never had one in the first place, the thought is pretty terrifying to me.

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