Five reasons for a good old clear out

We’ve still got our hearts set on that dream house, so have been getting our current place up to show home standards for potential viewers.

As well as an awful lot of scrubbing, we’ve had a good sort through random kitchen utensils, pound shop purchases and baking trays that have been squatting in our apartment for far too long.

Here’s why a good sort out will make you feel good.

So much more space
Just clearing a few books from the shelves in the lounge meant we could put up extra pictures that have been hidden until now. It certainly makes for a nicer view from the sofa, while in the spare room I’ve suddenly got an empty cupboard all to myself. And in the kitchen I can get to my mini-muffin tin without that dreaded clatter of baking sheets smashing on to the ground first.

Giving feels good
When you hand in a big bag of books, clothes and DVDs to a charity, you’re actually giving them a lovely big donation, and it’s nice to know you’re making a difference. And as a charity shop surfer myself, I hope the person who finds my old copy of Russell Brand’s Booky Wook for £1, is as happy as I was when I found Chris Evans’ Memoirs of a Fruitcake for 50p.

Clear shelves, clear mind
I’ve visited a lot of countries, where people live with very few possessions. I’m constantly aware of needing more accessories to go to bed (moisturiser, tooth floss and Kindle to name a few) than many people in Sri Lanka need for a whole day. The amount of stuff we are lucky enough to have is almost embarrassing and shedding as much of it as possible will make you feel lighter. I’ve never yet regretted giving anything away. And I doubt very much we’ll miss than melon baller.

An easier move
We live on the sixth floor. The less we have to shift, the better!

Somewhere for new stuff to go
Well, that empty cupboard needs to be filled with something!


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