Five Things Friday - Things I NEED for Mother's Day

Yogi ramsuratkumar
Creative Commons License photo credit: VinothChandar(AWAY)

With only a few weeks left to secure that gift that says Mom You’re Da Bomb (not Bombshell) like no other, I felt it crucial to my future happiness to post a short list of things I want need in my life at this particular moment in time.   And if you are in the market for a mother, I would like to adopt you so that you can participate in this very marketable meaningful day.  I realize that some of these requests are a bit more doable than others, but MD isn’t for another 3 weeks so there’s still time if you hurry.

1.   A publisher – With the recent completion of my future best seller and Oprah pick, I am in dire need of a publisher.  If you can get my foot in the door, I can get the rest of my sass in there on my own.  Hey, they don’t call me Moxie for nothing!  I can do a dramatic reading, or an interpretive dance – whatever it takes.  I’ll Nike it all the way.  A foot in the door, that’s all I ask.

2.   A Celtic tattoo – I’m loving me some Irish these days.   And I’m feeling a bit left out with all the attention on the other Michelle McGee.  Nothing a little ink can’t fix.  I’m thinking a nice little knot work bracelet just might do the trick.

3.   A spa day or two – Before you grab the phone and book me a facial or a massage, let me clarify what a spa day is to me.  You know that little place where they give you fresh jammies to wear all day, a nice pillow to rest your weary head on and a little medication on the side?  Yeah, I’m talking about a sweet weekend of medicated stupor, psychedelic Heffalump and Woozle-ridden dreams, and isolation in a padded room. A spa day like no other.

4.   An Athleta gift certificate – My yoga body is on backorder but that won’t stop me from prepping for its arrival.  Athleta makes physical activity look really cute.  And as a Moxie Momma I’m all about the cute – not so much about the physical but all about the cute.

5.  A yogi of my very own – To go with the backordered body.  It’d be nice if he were pocket-sized, then I could get my yoga on wherever I wanted to.  I mean they do fold up like pretzels so I think it wouldn’t be out of the question to find one that was pocketable.  Plus a cute little  yogi would go well with my Athleta get-ups.  He could knock on my hip bone when it was time to do my sun salutations.  Just me and my yogi, getting all Buddha when I’m stressed out.  Yeah, that’s what I need.  So much better than a stress ball and equally portable.

I just have one question for you – who’s your Momma?  That’s right baby, and don’t you forget it.  Don’t be afraid to show me some of that Moxie love this Mother’s Day.  It’s all good.


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