Five Vacations I Have No Desire to Take

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As I've aged, I've grown more comfortable owning my vacation style. The following are vacation paradise to some people (even some people to whom I'm related by blood or marriage), but they totally don't magnetize my poles.

Visit Every Baseball Stadium in America

Of all the sports, I like baseball and hockey best. Baseball is actually number one, because it's during my favorite season mostly, and you get to sit outside. However, I do not share my husband's desire to visit every baseball stadium in the country, often while we're actually on a different vacation. I've indulged him before (Cubs, Orioles, Padres, whatever-Tampa-Bay-calls-itself-now, Royals), and I'll do it again, in the name of he-does-things-he-doesn't-want-to-because-he-loves-me, but under NO CIRCUMSTANCE would I agree to a roadie specifically for the goal of visiting a stadium. Yes, it's romantic in the not-love-but-more-cool sense, but then again, so is my next pick.


Wrigley Field



Credit Image: Ron Cogwsell on Flickr






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