Five Vacations I Have No Desire to Take

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Sleeping Under the Stars

Yes, I've slept in tents. Yes, I've slept under the stars without tents. A few points. 1) Dew. I spent months being consantly damp after giving birth and now I avoid it at all costs. 2) Bugs. I'm not adverse to bugs while I'm awake, but no bugs while I'm sleeping. There is no worse feeling than realizing as you're coming up from dreamland that something is crawling on you. 3) Scavengers. I've lived in the Midwest my whole life. Possums. Skunks. Coyotes. Foxes. Mice. Rats. They will walk over just about anything, and they can be terrifyingly indifferent to the vast intellectual superiority and firepower of humans, even ones who are awake.


sleeping bag



Credit Image: naosuke ii on Flickr






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