Five Vacations I Have No Desire to Take

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I know, I know. It's amazing. It's beautiful. It's also part of the United States that takes forever to reach. I know, I flew over it on the way to and from Australia, and at the time I thought "Holy wow, we JUST NOW passed Hawaii." The truth is that though I've traveled pretty extensively in the continental U.S., there's only one stamp in my passport and I've never even been to Mexico. (I went to Canada once on a high school band trip on a bus. My purse got stolen, we played in a competition, we lost, we rode 86 hours back home. I saw the inside of a mall.) I went to the Bahamas in college on a fluke but I don't think they even asked for a passport, because I certainly didn't have one then. I deeply desire international travel to the nations not currently attached to my own and plan to do lots and lots of it when my girl is older.


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What do I want to do, lest you think I'm a homebody? First, I want to take a vacation that involves more time than money. Mine have always been the other way around because we only had so many days so we had to stay close to stuff, blah blah blah. I'd like to rent a house where I'm staying and actually experience a place for more than a week. The longest vacation I've taken in my adult life was ten days, and I went 18,000 miles during that timeframe and crossed the international date line. Good God, I would like to travel slower, thank you. I also like to do stuff, not sit and watch stuff, which probably ties into my whole baseball-and-RV issue.

Where do you NOT want not go?


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